Terms & Conditions

Tickets: Belong to you and must accompany you to the event for check-in. It’s your sole responsibility to keep your ticket safe for arrival. Each ticket is for one guest only and cannot be transferred to another participant during the event.

Refunds: There are no refunds available on your ticket but you can transfer your ticket to another person if you are no longer able to make the conference.

Payment Plan: Your deposit is non-refundable and your ticket will be cancelled if you do not pay your remaining payments on time. 

Photography & Video: You agree to have your photo taken during the event and filmed throughout unless you state otherwise on arrival at check-in.

Indemnification: You understand that each speaker and presenter is speaking from personal experiences and is not offering any quick-fix schemes to create success. And that we are not liable for the content that is shared during the event.

Force Majeure. This event may be canceled as a result of acts of God, bankruptcy, government regulation, terrorism, disaster, strikes of others than those employed by the parties, civil disorder, unavailability of venue site(s), unavailability of transportation facilities consistent with those in existence at the time of the contract, war, political and/or social boycott, or by any restrictions imposed by any governmental authority, and other factors over which neither party has any control – making it impossible, inadvisable or illegal to perform material respective obligations with the event.  Then the event will be rescheduled as quickly as possible and new dates and tickets will be given with as much notice as possible.


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