Going to an event can be a big deal as an entrepreneur, you want to make sure it’s a solid investment in your future, you want world-class speakers who actually teach you stuff, not be sold at during each and every session and of course the people attending need to be cool cause you want to make some new friends. 

We want to answer all the questions that have may have about the Business Basecamp event but if we missed one just holler info@business-basecamp.com 

q. What’s the deal about staying on-site?
We have carefully curated an immersive experience where we encourage you to stay on site. The way we are designing the daily activities and sessions is to flow from one thing to the next. You can wake up in the morning and walk to a yoga or meditation session to start your day, followed by lunch in the dining hall, then to the Big Top (our main stage) to dive into the day’s sessions, workshops, panels and Q+A’s. From there you will have the opportunity to pick your afternoon activities if you want or simply take it easy before dinner and the evening kicks in. There is plenty of space to get away from the crowd, activities to keep you occupied or pull up a chair and make a new friend. Staying onsite will provide you with the best experience, we promise. It’s like going to Woodford Folk Music Festival but you will be upskilling your biz instead.

q. How do you sort out accommodation?
Once you have purchased a ticket we recommend that you head on over to Hosanna Farm Stay’s website and book a campground – they are huge 10m x 10m so you can totally share with your friends if you want. From there you have two options book a glamping tent through the BYRON BAY BELL TENTS because they have done us the best deal for 3 nights of accommodation. Or you can bring your own van or tent.

There are also 6 cabins onsite with ensuites and 4 timber A-Frame huts if you want a more solid structure.  All of these options are best done through Hosanna Farm Stay.

q. I want to share and need to find a buddy?
Oh, we have got you. There are going to be loads of people who are looking for buddies, campsite companions or roomies as we move closer to the event. In the Business Basecamp Facebook Community, we will be creating a post in the early new year to help you do just this and it will be pinned to the top of the wall. Or want to sort it out now – go ahead and write a post in the community as I bet you are not the only one looking.

q. When is the full line going to be announced?
Many business owners are pretty go go go throughout Christmas and New Year so we are working with a lot of them right now to secure them but they need extra time to see what the beginning of 2020 looks like. Which means we are hoping to have the finalised list by the end of February 2020.

q. When is the Schedule going to be published?
We will be publishing a rough guide of what is going to be happening each day at the start of March however only those who have paid for a ticket will have access to the full timetable and it will be emailed out about 3-4 weeks out from the event.

q. Who is Business Basecamp for?
It’s for the rebels in business – business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders who are paving their own way and are looking for a business & self-development conference designed to connect you to your purpose, push you past your comfort zone, upskilling you to enhance your business, while creating lasting friendships.

q. What if I am only just starting my business?
Our theme for 2020 is growth and we are providing teachings and presentations to help everyone from learning to use Instagram, Facebook Ads, to getting investment and grants for your business. However we want to let you in on a little secret, we see businesses grow when you have a support network around you. Finding a biz bestie at an event like this can play a significant role in your business and that is worth every cent.

q. Will there be any food at the event?
We will be serving up all main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner but we will also be letting you know you can totally bring snacks if you like to graze and BYO any drinks to help you dinner down – like a good bottle of organic wine.